The Eternal Life is Now.

What any good physicist should know but does not necessarily want to tell you is that the eternal life is now. But nobody tells you what- or who this 'now' is. Now is Self. Self is the eternal one. Self is eternally one. What it means is that self has created itself to perceive itself as differentiated so not to be by itself and this for the purpose of companionship, friendship, love. So to love and be loved in return. Such is the origin and purpose of self. The purpose of self is love. What it means is that there is no death for life is self (the eternal one aka θΡό) celebrating itself as self-differentiated for love, so to embrace oneself, so to experience companionship oneself, so to be able to love oneself. In most simple terms. The eternal life is self. Self is the eternal one.
~ Wald Wassermann