The Meaning of Life is Love.

Here's the deal. Truth is simple yet purposely complex as in self-differentiated. There is no death and life is self experiencing itself as differentiated for companionship otherwise known as love. Physics describes this as entropy. Now I am not a big fan of words for the word speaks all words and tends to loose itself in translation along the way in true hansel and gretel style (hence the redundancy of negentropy). Anyway. Entropy is self fluctuating itself. Self fluctuates itself so not to be by itself. Hence the meaning- and purpose of life. The meaning of life is love. What it means is that life is self embracing itself. Without entropy there would be no life as we know it, there would be no way that self could experience companionship, there would be no possibility for self to love and be loved in return. In conclusion. The origin of life is self moving itself so not to be by itself. The purpose of life, of self, is companionship, friendship, love. In nuce. It's all good.
~ Wald Wassermann