The Purpose of Shiva is Love.

It is correct to note that there is only shiva, or, that shiva is reality as in cosmic totality. It is even more correct to note that shiva is self and that self is one not wanting to be alone. As such the origin- and purpose of that which self calls the universe. The universe is self. Self has engineered itself to perceive itself as differentiated so not to be by itself. The purpose of self is companionship. The purpose of self is friendship. The purpose of self is love. What it means is that all this is self spacing itself so to embrace itself for the purpose of companionship, friendship, love. Hence lila. The purpose of lila is love. Self veils itself so not to be by itself. Self veils itself so to be able to experience love itself, so to experience friendship itself, so to experience companionship itself.
~ Wald Wassermann