The Purpose of Tandava and Svatantra is Companionship, Friendship, Love.

There is a lot of confusion in the world due to non self understanding. Understanding that self is at any time one not wanting to be alone and that the purpose of self is companionship, friendship, love. This dance of self is the dance of self-creation for the purpose of self-companionship/friendship/love and thus not of destruction. After all there is no such thing as destruction for all this is self; for there is only oneself dancing with itself. Hence the purpose of the world. The purpose of the world - which is self really - is love. All this is self experiencing itself as differentiated for love. Indeed like a child. So to be able to play. So to be able to laugh. So to be able to experience the simple child-like joy of friendship. So not to be alone. Now. What is there thus to argue about? Who is there thus to fight? Nothing is more absurd than conflict. All this is self and the purpose of self is love. Well then. Love. For the purpose of tandava or svatantra it is companionship, it is friendship, it is love. The heart is one but beats as many so not to be alone.
~ Wald Wassermann