What created the initial singularity?

Abstract. The initial singularity is said to be the gravitational singularity of infinite density which contained all of the mass and space-time of the universe before quantum fluctuations caused it to rapidly disperse in what is called the big bang subsequently causing inflation, creating the present-day universe. My goodness. How did i get here? Exactly. The answer is self desiring not to be by itself. To be more precise. The answer is self desiring love. Now what then is the correct answer as to what- or who created the initial singularity? It is Self. Self is the initial singularity. Self is always one not wanting to be alone. In other words. Self is the eternal one. Self is eternally one. As to space-time? The purpose of space so self could embrace itself. As to time? Correct. The purpose of time is love. Space to embrace and time for love. That which is doing the embracing and loving is self. In conclusion. The origin of self is self not wanting to be by itself. The purpose of self is companionship, friendship, love. Love is of all times. One may even say that love is before time since time is an emergent property of self desiring to love and be loved.
~ Wald Wassermann