The Origin of the Universe is Self Desiring Love.

Abstractly speaking; it is correct to note that cosmology is a branch of astronomy concerned with the scientific study of the origin and evolution of the universe from the initial singularity to the big bang and beyond. Now. Self must not get too worked up about its own postulations. Truth is always simple and purpose is always love. You see; the origin of the universe is self not wanting to be by itself and the purpose of self is companionship, friendship, love. What it means is that the origin of self is self desiring love and that now, as in the beginning, all that is here is still self embracing itself through one's very own self-conceived and self-perceived diversity. What it means is that all diversity is self and that self is diverse for love. Love naturally being a synonym for companionship and friendship. But in most simple terms, yes, self is diverse for love. So the next time somebody asks you how close we are to a theory of everything you can simple reply that everything is self and that the purpose of self is love. The ToE equation being 'I=Love".
~ Wald Wassermann