There should be no fear in the world for the world is The Word and The Word is Self. What it means is that all this is One Self (Eka Swa/Sva or Ye Shiva (Yeshua/Jesus), Buddha, Allah, God, Cosmic Consciousness) experiencing itself as Self-differentiated out of the desire for constant companionship (Saṅgera). There should thus be no anxiety or fear in The World, in Self. After all; how could Self fear itself when there is only Oneself? Self has simply veiled itself so well (known as Calypsis, Lila or Maya) that it forgot who and why it really is. Who it is is One not wanting to be alone. Why it is is companionship, friendship, love. What it means is that Self is The Eternal One (Teo or θεό). Thou () art verily That (तत्) hence Hari Om Tat Sat. All is always G-d. G-d thou art. Hence why it is said that (the purpose of) God is Love. All this for companionship. All this for friendship. All this for love. Love so Love for all is one and division there is none. Word up!
~ Wald Wassermann