Bio/Ego/Eco/Self diversity is to be Celebrated.

When it comes to the subject of climate change; the following statements are valid: there is 'ultimately' no threat for 1) self is eternally one 2) self is the eternal one 3) all self- as in biodiversity is self desired/caused/perceived for companionship, friendship love. However. The world is the epitome of self (celebrating itself as self-differentiated for companionship/friendship/love). As such I am of the opinion that Bio/Ego/Eco/Self diversity is to be celebrated not to be negated. As stated before. All trials and tribulations can be overcome with a simple state of mind; this state of mind being 'I=Love' which, as it happens, is the equation of the grand theory of everything or grand unified theory for the field or s(v)agara is always one.
~ Wald Wassermann