Svatantra is String Theory and String Theory is Svatantra.

Forget about this nonsense that kama¹ is born of avidya². Nothing is more foolish. It is the other way around. Truth is simple yet purposely complex as in self-differentiated for love. Yes; it is true that karma³ is the result of kama or the desire for love but that which desires love is self and self is irrelevant of time one not wanting to be alone. What it means? Kama is the result of self⁴ not wanting to be by itself. To be more precise. Self desires not to be by itself which is why self moves itself out of love, so to be able to love and be loved in eternal return. For correctly so; irrelevant of time, there is only oneself⁵ and the purpose of self is love. Love can be replaced by the words companionship and friendship for there is only one love, there is only one light or en light. Such is true science or vidya: there is only one self and the purpose of self it is companionship, it is friendship, it is love. Svatantra is string theory and string theory is svatantra. (¹ desire for love. ² ignorance. ³ action. ⁴ sฤ“, svฤ, shva, shiva ⁵ yeshiva, yeshua, allah, buddha, et al.
~ Wald Wassermann