The Purpose of the Universe is Love.

Abstractly speaking; it is only partially correct to note that the initial singularity was a singularity of seemingly infinite density which contained all of the mass and space-time of the universe before quantum fluctuations caused it to rapidly expand in the big bang and subsequent cosmic inflation, creating the present-day universe. Truth is much simpler in reality. The initial singularity is still singular. To be more precise. The initial singularity is self. Self is - irrelevant of time - one not wanting to be alone. What it means is that self is the origin of itself. Rather. The origin of self is self not wanting to be by itself. The purpose of self is companionship. The purpose of self is friendship. The purpose of self is love. What it means in nincompoop language. All quantum fluctuations are in reality the initial singularity. The singularity fluctuates itself so to embrace itself. The purpose of the initial singularity is companionship, friendship, love. So yes. Time is real as in self desiring not to be by itself, the universe is singular, and all numbers are zero as in self masking itself as manifoldness out of the unwillingness to experience aloneness.
~ Wald Wassermann