The True Purpose of Biodiversity.

Karma is the result of kama. Kama means desire and love. Karma means action. The desire for love leads to action. All action is born out of the desire for love. Now it comes. Irrelevant of time (time is an emergent property), there are not many separate selves, there is only oneself desiring not to be by itself which is why self is love (เฅ เคช्เคฐेเคฎ) in action. Scientifically speaking; that which is known in science as the initial singularity is still singular. Synopsis. Quantum? One. Purpose? Love. Love being a synonym with companionship and friendship. But in most simple terms; one’s purpose is mango sweet love. Hence the meaning of life. The meaning of life is love for life is self celebrating itself as self (bio) differentiated (diversity) for companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann