A Terrace in the Sun overlooking the Sea.

Can an enlightened person fall in love? Yes. Perhaps more deeply so than most of us will ever understand. It is a higher form of love. It is a love than comes from the knowing that all this, all this diversity, people, a partner, is the ONELIGHT (hence enlight or buddha) not wanting to be alone. So when the onelight which is ONESELF really realizes its own originating cause is loneliness and that its own purpose is (the desire to experience companionship aka) Love; it is beyond regular romantic love, it is a love where One realizes it itself is Two for the purpose of Love. It is a Love that cannot be understood by people who have not realized the Self. The Self which is One not wanting to be alone. The Self which only wants to Love and Be Loved in eternal return. But how many people realize this? Most people see everything as separate, as divided, as fragmented and purposely so. For the purpose of the illusion of otherness is paradoxically so Self - or God - could experience togetherness. And naturally, Enlightened Love, the higher form of Godly Love, can easily be seen as clingy, needy or madness by the person who does not have the same understanding. It is thus not an easy road to walk for those who have realized the true Self. Constantly holding back what you realize. This while you have so much Love to give. For you have realized the meaning. The meaning of it all. Yes. The meaning of it all it is LOVE. Perhaps that’s why some people who have gone through God- or Self realization become monks or priests or I don’t know what. Something. Maybe some just take it easy. Maybe they just sit on a terrace in the sun overlooking the sea.
~ Wald Wassermann