All this is Self.

What stops us from knowing there is only one g-d? Self. Self is at any time one not wanting to be alone. What it means is that self veils itself as manifoldness to escape aloneness. This self-veiling power is called maya or lila in sanskrit and is known as kalypto in ancient greek. Hence why the purpose of maya, lila or kalypto - of self - is companionship, friendship, love. All this is self. Self veils itself so not to be by itself. Self veils itself for companionship. Self veils itself for friendship. Self veils itself for love. As such the definition of biodiversity in biology or even abiogenesis in cosmology. A bio genesis out of one's own desire; this desire to experience companionship, friendship, love. In conclusion. The purpose of self is love.
~ Wald Wassermann