When Allah births itself as Life Diversified, 'Allah veils itself so to be able to experience Companionship. i.e. Love itself'. And so the veil is lifted as a natural Self-protection (Allah protection) mechanism near the end of Life (naturally there is no end in reality... for all is Allah and Allah is Eternal). What brings peace is realizing that: 1) There is no death for life is Allah celebrating itself as Self-differentiated for Love. 2) The meaning of Life, the purpose of Allah, is Companionship/Friendship/Love. My suggestion is to meditate on Love. To feel an abundance of Love. To flood yourself with thoughts of Love. May all beings realize who- and why they are. May all beings realize peace. May all beings live in love. PS: Please note that the name Allah is interchangeable with (and this may be difficult to accept for some) Christ, God/G-d, Shiva, Tao and ultimately Self for after all; all is One and the same. Please choose whatever resonates most with you. Allah is ALL-INCLUSIVE. In conclusion and in most simple yet truest terms: the meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist