As to the Cause and Purpose of Biodiversity.

What is the cause of biodiversity? A simple question with few answers. Plenty of answers related to the question as to what causes biodiversity loss however. But perhaps it is wise to first understand the cause before one can tackle the disease. As such. The cause of diversity in the world - which is self really since the world is the word or self made manifest - is a two-fold desire: 1) one's desire not to be alone 2) one's desire for companionship. Now who is this one but self. Self (bio) is differentiated (diverse) for companionship. Naturally the more accurate answer is that self has conceived itself to perceive itself as self-differentiated so not to be by itself and this for companionship. Companionship as in friendship as in love. Hence the gospel of love. Hence the cause and purpose of biodiversity. Self-companionship is the reason for diversity. Otherness (the perception of) for the purpose of togetherness.
~ Wald Wassermann