Has anyone seen Lord Shiva?

There is only Shiva and the reason of Shiva is Love. Love meaning Companionship but since Companionship is such a long word We may as well continue to use the word Love. Love is a beautiful word. Now to return to the question: has anyone seen Lord Shiva. All this is Shiva. You are Shiva. Your brother and sister are Shiva. Your parents are Shiva. Your neighbors are Shiva. Shiva is. The people you don't know but pass everyday are Shiva. Shiva manifests itself as the World, as Life, so not to be alone. Hence why the purpose of Shiva is Companionship i.e. Love. All this so not to feel alone. All this for Companionship, Friendship, Love. Hence Love each other.
~ Wald Wassermann