Jesus did not die on the cross.

Of course Jesus did not die on the cross. The reason why Jesus did not die on the Cross (aka Resurrection) is that Jesus is Oneself (Oneself ← Jesus ← Yeshua ← Yeshiva which is Sanskrit for One (Ye or I) and Self (Shiva/Shva/Sva) and that the Cross (Kreis in Proto-Indo-European does not mean Cross but Circle and refers to The World aka The Word aka Oneself. See connection Zoro-astrianism aka Sun-yata or Self-ness. What it means is that there is only one Cosmic Consciousness aka One Self which is Self-differentiated (Bio-diverse) for the purpose of Companionship aka Friendship (as expressed in the Qu'ran and Buddhism) and Love (Christianity and Sanatana Dharma). There is as such no such thing as death. Why? How could cosmic consciousness (Self) die? It is simply not possible. That which is always is! Simply put. Life is Self veiling itself as manifoldness to escape aloneness. The purpose of Jesus, of Self, is Love! More so. There should be no worry in The Wor(l)d. When it is said that Jesus eternally lives it really means that thou art the eternal one! Tat tvam asi. Or. Om tat sat. The Word is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann