Sex is a Normal and Healthy Part of Every Marriage.

When one of the partners in the holy matrimony called marriage sees sex as a burden it can only cause discord and the marriage will naturally be under stress with the potential to eventually become undone and that is not good. Truth is that the origin of life is self not wanting to be by itself and that the purpose of self is love which can only happen by sex or self differentiation*. The meaning of sex derived from the latin word se- which means self and -x which means diverse or differentation. Sex is as such a healthy and normal part of every marriage. A successful marriage is thus based on the innate knowledge that the purpose of self, the meaning of life, is love. Synopsis. The knowledge that the one and only meaning of life is love is the bedrock, the foundation, of every marriage. Sex is normal and healthy and it should be seen as a divine yet joyful necessity in the marriage. (* self differentiation is known in biology as biodiversity and as the big bang in modern cosmology or as ix in theology)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist