All this is Self and the purpose of Self is Love.

When it comes to Christ or Krishna; it is of course correct to note that there is only Christ or Krishna. More so. Krishna or Christ is Self*. Self is at any time one not wanting to be alone. As such why it is said that Krishna or Christ is Love. For such is the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self not to be by itself; the purpose of Self Companionship, Friendship, Love. Hence the meaning and purpose of biodiversity. The purpose why bio (self) has created itself to perceive itself as diverse (differentiated) is companionship, friendship, love. But all this is the eternal Self and the purpose of Self is eternally Love. (* Shiva, God, Allah, Buddha, The Universe, et al; all these names, all these words are spoken by The Word, by Self, itself. All this manifoldness was born out of one's very own aloneness. All this so not to be alone. All this for companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann