The Purpose of the Ego is Companionship.

The purpose of the ego is companionship. Why? It is Rumi who said that the ego is the veil between human and god. And yes abstractly speaking so it is. But absolute truth is higher yet. God and human are one and the same. This one it is Self. Self is at any time one not wanting to be alone. What it means is that the ego is Self engineered so Self would not feel by itself. Without the illusion of separation there is no possibility for Self to experience companionship, friendship and love. And it is precisely companionship that is the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self it is companionship, it is friendship, it is love. Hence the reason for the ego which is born out of the bodymind complex which it itself is born out of Self desiring otherness so to experience togetherness. So everything is perfect for everything is Self experiencing itself as Self-differentiated for companionship, friendship, love. If the above is not understood, the word Self may be replaced with allah, buddha, nature, paramatman, vishnu, cosmic consciousness or the universe as long as it is understood that it is Self or The Word which speaks all words.
~ Wald Wassermann