What is String-Theory Really?

The wise proclaim sarvam khalvidam brahma. But before abraham i am meaning before brahma aham as in om or self. For indeed; self is the eternal one and self is eternally one. Hence. Sarvam khalvidam aham/ayam or sva-tantra known in the west as string-theory. All this is self celebrating itself as self-differentiated so not to be by itself. The underlying state of self is thus one of pure bliss or utter ecstasy or ananda as it is also called. Hence why ananda is the eternal companion of buddha. There is only buddha or e(i)n-light or one self. The final statement thus being the following. All this is verily self and the purpose of self is verily love. Hence also the true meaning of the resurrection or the eternal life for yeshua or yeshiva is oneself. It's all good.
~ Wald Wassermann