Words are many but The Word is One.

Why do we exist? Did g-d create the universe because it was bored or lonely? What would be the purpose/meaning of life then? It is g-d asking this question. All is one. Yes. All is one yet why then is there this amazing abundance of diversity in the world, in the word, in self? The reason is quite simple really. It is not good for one to be alone. Using simple logic one can thus determine one’s very own origin and purpose which is two-fold in nature. One’s origin is the unwillingness to be alone. One’s purpose is to experience companionship, friendship and love. Hence biodiversity. Hence also the purpose or meaning of life. The purpose or meaning of life is love for life is self celebrating itself. All this so self would not feel by itself. All this so self could experience companionship, friendship, love. The word ‘self’ may be replaced with allah, buddha, the dao, god, the universe, shiva, et al for a better understanding. For words are many but the word is one.
~ Wald Wassermann