Buddhist Psychology: Love & Attachment vs Non-Attachment.

It is not about attachment or not-attachment; it's about understanding that the reason of change, why everything is in constant motion like the ocean, is love. For without change, without motion, there would be no way for buddha to experience companionship, there would be no way for buddha, for us, to experience friendship, there would be no way for buddha, for us to experience love. As the wise realize. All the waves are verily the ocean. It is the ocean which brings itself forth as a plenitude of many waves so not to be alone. One's very own reason, why there is life, is companionship, friendship, love. So he or she who has realized that there is only buddha, that buddha itself is diverse or self differentiated so not to be alone, realizes that it's not about attachment or non-attachment, he or she who realizes that all this is buddha, realizes that it's essentially all about love so love simply love.
~ Wald Wassermann