The Theory of Relativity Revisited.

Is death final? There is no such thing as finality. Faulty knowledge teaches us that death is the permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Naturally this is faulty logic based on the Illusion of separation aka Ignorance. Truth is simple yet purposely complex. The true meaning of the word biology is 'the word' is 'self' with bio- derived from the latin word for 'self' and -logos derived from the latin word for 'the word'. What it means? All duality including birth and death is an Illusion; the I always capitalized purposely so for there is only one I or One Self perceiving itself as dual so not to be by itself and this for the purpose of Companionship with Companionship being a synonym for Friendship and Love. Hence why it is said that the purpose of 'God is Love'. Naturally there is only God. God but being a name for That which is nameless yet eternal. That which is nameless and eternal being Self. Self simply expressing itself as Self differentiated (Life) for the purpose of Love. All this so One would not be alone. All this so Self could experience Companionship, Friendship, Love. All this being but Theory? Yes this in the proper understanding that Theory is a synonym for Theoria or Torah or Turiya or Universal or Cosmic Consciousness or Self. Hence the meaning of the eternal life and the resurrection. All is always good. The purpose of good is love. As such the Theory of Relativity.
~ Wald Wassermann