Rejoice and Celebrate: Jesus Lives Eternally.

Jesus Lives. A bold statement. Is it true? Yes. For the meaning of Jesus is Oneself. It's origin derived from Yeshua which it itself was derived from Yeshiva which means Oneself in Sanskrit. As to the cross? The cross is the wor(l)d. The origin of the word cross derived from the German word kreis which means circle or globe or earth or the world. In most simple terms. The World is The Word made manifest. What it means? All this is Self. There is only Oneself. It is Self - there is only one cosmic consciousness more commonly called Allah/Buddha/God - which has caused itself to perceive itself as Self-differentiated for reasons not to be by itself, for companionship, for friendship, for love. Hence the Immaculate conception with the intonation on the 'I' as in Abiogenesis 1:1 meaning all one; division there is none. Synopsis. Rejoice and celebrate; Jesus lives. There is no death for Self is The Eternal One (TEO in Greek meaning God equates to Jesus/Yeshua/Yeshiva meaning Oneself); Tat Tvam Asi as in Om Tat Sat. There are no others it is said. Why? Otherness is Self-conceived and perceived so Self could experience togetherness. All this is Self and the purpose of Self is Love. Love so love. Hence love God with all your heart and all your soul (Self) and your neighbor as your Self for there is only Oneself desiring love.
~ Wald Wassermann