On the Sacredness of Marriage.

The fool who does not understand relativity or who reasons from the illusory fallacy of separateness will say that nobody likes dependency and that it is good to be alone without realizing that the desire for (inter)dependency or (inter)relatedness is the background that underlies, pervades and sustains Reality. What it means? Dependency or kama (the desire to experience Love) is the foundation of REALITY.  REALITY is JESUS CHRIST aka the REAL or the RAJA which are all synonyms for our true undivided self: ONESELF is dependent on otherness for the purpose to experience togetherness with togetherness being a synonym for companionship, friendship, love. Hence why the wise say to love GOD and your neighbor as yourself for all this is self not wanting to be by itself, all this is one not wanting to be alone. It is indeed not good for one to be alone. Simply find a partner who understands that the meaning of self is love thus resulting in wo-man and as life diversified and that we are not as divided/separated as it seems. The one and only purpose of life is love and the best way to honor this is through the sacredness of marriage; when both partners come together in the realization that they are verily one existing as two for the purpose of love; this is true love. It is ecstatic. It is the highest form of love possible. Hence why all religions - and science too for that matter - focus on the sanctity of marriage being the cornerstone of Life since Love is the cornerstone of Self, of Real/ity.
~ Wald Wassermann