The Doctrine of Self-Vibration.

How could any body believe in a benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient g-d when there is suffering in the world? It is g-d asking this question for truth to be told; all this is g-d, or rather, all this is self best known in science as the 'big' of the 'the big bang theory' or the 'initial singularity' with the intonation on the i which is purposely so always capitalized for there is but one i. So to answer the question. When it is said that all this is god or that all this is self it really means there is only one cosmic consciousness which is unborn and undying yet vibrates itself into manifold (meaning many folds) beingness so to experience companionship itself. Entropy is the name of one's very own game. Without entropy; self could not experience companionship itself. And companionship is what self is all about; companionship, friendship, love. What it means is that life diversified is self experiencing itself as self-differentiated for love. Without self-differentiation (the self-conceived perception of) self could not experience love. Hence why it is said that (the purpose of) god is love by the way. Science points to the same truth. Truth is one appears as two for companionship, friendship, love. Werner Heisenberger certainly came very close with his uncertainty principle which is essentially the doctrine of self-vibration.
~ Wald Wassermann