Why Zero is Zorro.

Was the universe's entropy equal to zero at the big bang? And is the zero-entropy state unique? Abstractly speaking yes. Yet self easily looses itself in its own words purposely so. Truth is shockingly and almost unacceptably simple after all. The universe is self. Entropy is self. Zero is self. As to unique? Yes. Self is always one. One not wanting to be alone. As such it is self which veils itself so not to be by itself with the primordial purpose of self being companionship best known as love. Hence why zero is zorro. The purpose of the universe, the purpose of entropy, the purpose of self is love. Hence the purpose of self (aka big) differentiation (aka bang). All this for self-companionship. All this so self would not be/feel alone. Now self may call itself cosmic consciousness, the initial singularity, zero or even zorro yet truth is simple; purpose is love.
~ Wald Wassermann