Undivided yet Self-Differentiated.

It is the wise person who proclaims that 'we are not as divided as it appears'. And so it is for there is no such thing as division but only self-perceived differentiation. There is only one Self or one cosmic consciousness which has conceived itself to perceive itself as self-differentiated for the purpose of companionship. Knowing this sets the individual - who previously saw him- or herself as separate from the world and from the universe - free from all anxiety and fear. For the cause of all anxiety and fear in the wor(l)d is the illusion of separation which paradoxically serves the purpose so The Word, so Self could experience companionship, friendship, love. It is the moment when the wave realizes it is not separate from the ocean but verily the ocean itself which veils itself as a manifold of waves for its own good that one enters a lasting state of peace and tranquility. And so it is for that which you are, for that which all is, truly is the all-encompassing one. The all-encompassing one which veils itself as manifoldness to escape aloneness. For such is the purpose of the universe. For such is the purpose of the world. For such is the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self, of the world, of the universe, it is companionship, it is friendship, it is love.
~ Wald Wassermann