What is the Purpose of Life if "All this is Self" (ॐ)?

It is correct to note that all this is Oneself (, Allah, Buddha, Consciousness, the Cosmos, the Dao, God, Jesus, Jeshua, Yeshiva, Svayam, the Universe, Zero, Zoro, et al). As such the question arises; what is the purpose of Self? Some say the purpose of Self is to experience things. Others say the purpose of Self is playfulness. Close but no cigar. The true purpose of Life, of Self, is two-fold in nature: 1) the purpose of Self is not be by itself 2) the purpose of Self is to experience companionship itself. Companionship being a synonym for friendship and love; the desire to experience togetherness. It is this why there is diversity in The Wor(l)d. All diversity is Self. Self perceives itself as diverse so not be itself, so to experience companionship, friendship, love.
~ Wald Wassermann