P E Ξ› C E

There is a lot of noise in the world, in the word, in self; a lot of confusion, a lot of unneeded anxiety out of ignorance. There should be none of it. The meaning of jesus saying 'be still and know i am god' is for self (jesus/jeshua/yeshiva/oneself) to be still and to get rid of all external noise so to remember that that which self is truly is the eternal one (TEO), the theōrΓ­a or torah or turiya or the one pervading consciousness, which illumines and veils itself as apparently many bodily selves this so not to be by itself. For such is the purpose of self aka g-d. The purpose of g-d, the purpose of self, is love. All this so one (uni) could love and be loved in eternal return (verse).
~ Wald Wassermann