Emergence: The Theory is Love.

There are some in the scientific community who believe that quantum fluctuations are born out of the entropy or instability of empty space that generates particles and antiparticles which become the little seeds that grow by gravity over billions and trillions of years to become the galaxies of our universe. Is the above correct? Only very partially so. Truth is simple. Space, time, energy and matter are emergent properties of the Initial Singularity with the intonation on the I. Please note I purposely skipped the Big Bang Theory for it is essentially the Initial Singularity which perceives itself as Self-differentiated out of the desire not to be by itself. Self also best forget about quantum fluctuations for there is only one fluctuating singularity (the many are the One). What it means is that the Initial Singularity fluctuates itself out of the desire to experience companionship itself. It is not good for One to be alone. Is that all? No, not really. It gets more interesting. The Initial Singularity is still singular. More so. The Initial Singularity is Self. It is Self which has conceived itself to perceive itself as Self-differentiated out of the desire not to feel by itself, so to experience companionship, friendship, love. So in most simple terms: the origin of Self is Self not wanting to be by itself and the purpose of Self is Companionship, Friendship, Love.
~ Wald Wassermann