Sex Education.

Is the origin of the word sex of uncertain origin? Naturally not. The origin of the word sex is self (not wanting to be by itself); the meaning of the word sex derived from the latin word SE- (as in 'self' which it itself is derived from the sanskrit word เคธ्เคต) and -X (as in a-bio-genesis 1:1 whereas One (I) overlaps itself or whereas One appears as X or Two so not to be alone). As such Self arrives at the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self is Love which is why Self (The Infinite) appears as Two (The Finite), as Wo-Man, as Bio-Diverse, as Self-Differentiated or as DNA (Deus may be Non Alligator or Unbound but one's purpose is Love alright which is why DNA comes after RNA or why RNA comes before DNA linearly speaking for in Theory both are One and the same or INA). Hence h(an)uman-san discovers the key to any successful relationship. The key to any successful relationship is Self-realization; it is realizing that One (Self) appears as Two (Male and Female) for the purpose of Companionship, Friendship, Love. Simply put. When it is said that it is not good for One to be alone, what it really means is that it is not good for Self to be by itself. Hence the meaning of Genesis 1:27 or why 1 appears as 2 while remaining S(e)ve(n), Sva, Swa or Self.
~ Wald Wassermann