One's Purpose Love.

Where are we headed? What is happening to human society in our times? Will the present crisis turn us toward something new? What is the problem with our current system of values, and if we were to acquire new values to bring a positive shift to our lives, what would they be? Alright so that's a lot of questions. Let's get something straight. That which asks all questions is the same that which answers all questions. Now. "Where" is Self and the purpose of Self is Love. It is must be remember that space-time is not only emergent but that space-time is Self and that Self simply spaces itself so not to be by itself. As to time? Yes. The purpose of time is love alright. Time is relative correctly so. Relative as in based on being in a relationship or being the result of one not wanting to be alone. As such one's very own purpose. One's very own purpose companionship. One's very own purpose friendship. One's very own purpose love. Hence The Gospel; The Gospel of Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist