From M-Theory to OM-Theory.

It is said that m-theory is the leading candidate for the theory of everything in the universe. Is m-theory valid? Yes from a scientific perspective this although m-theory is really om-theory (as in เฅ เคคुเคฐीเคฏ) . Regardless. In order to properly understand m-theory one must return to the eternal knowledge that the first sound of the universe is Om aka 0m which is 0 (zero entropy or real or theory or self or hu) not wanting to be alone (thus appearing as zorro, wave interference, quantum fluctuations or reality or m aka ฮจ or man). So what is m-theory all about? Love. Love naturally meaning companionship and friendship. But in most simple terms. One's very own purpose it is love sweet love. Hence why the wise proclaim that the meaning of life is love.
~ Wald Wassermann