Peace! Be still! Know (all this is Self) I Am (One without a second).

On the meaning of 'Peace! Be still! Know all this is Self (Self or Ahum or Aham or Ayam as in I Am One without a second or rather I (Self) is One without a second hence Soham). It is correct that there is only Jesus. For Jesus is Oneself as in Ye-Swa or Ye-Shua or Ye-Shiva. What it means is that - irrelevant of time for time is an emergent property of Self - there is only Oneself not wanting to be by itself. As to diversity? All diversity or differentiation is Self. Self has conceived itself to perceive itself as Self-differentiated so not to be by itself with the singular purpose of Self being the desire to experience companionship itself. It's all about (Self-) Companionship really; Companionship, Friendship, Love. Now it must be remembered that Jesus is all-Inclusive and that Jesus remains but a word that Self has given itself, a gentle pointer to Truth being One, to truth being Self. As such Jesus is a synonym for Allah or Buddha or the Dao or the Universe or even Consciousness this in the proper understanding that there is only One Consciousness or One Self. Self must simply remain rooted in the realization that The Word is Self and that Self speaks all words. All words can do is point Oneself back to its true undivided nature - Theory/Torah/Turiya - which it itself appears as manifoldness so to avoid aloneness. Hence the meaning of the immaculate conception and the eternal life. Life is Self - The Eternal One (TEO) - celebrating itself as Self-differentiated for Companionship, Friendship, Love; Love so Love.
~ Wald Wassermann