Amor Vincit Omnia. In Johannes Vermeer's newly restored 'Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window' (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden); Cupid tramples on his own veil, his own mask explaining that the true purpose for the Self-conceived illusion of separation, that the true purpose for Self-perceived otherness, is so Self could experience togetherness; so Self (स्व/ἑός/ٱللَّٰه/बुद्ध/शिव/ॐ) could experience companionship, friendship, love. Love being the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self being Love.

Yes. Abstractly speaking; there is only Allah, Buddha, God, Jesus or Shiva (all is One and the same). But Shiva is not a HE nor a SHE exclusively. Shiva is Real (रजस्) expressing itself as Reality (सत्य) in its totality. Is the above correct? Yes although it remains an abstraction. Direct truth is simpler yet. Shiva is Self. Self is - irrelevant of space-time, matter and energy - one not wanting to be alone. One's very own purpose it is Companionship, Friendship, Love. Hence Atma-Prema or Self-Love. All this is Self (Atma) desiring Love (Prema) which is why Self (The Word) gives rise to itself as Self-differentiated (The World). The purpose of Self not to be by itself. The purpose of Self Companionship. The purpose of Self Friendship. The purpose of Self Love. All this was born out of One's very own desire for Love (काम) or constant companionship or Saṅgera. Hence the true meaning behind Sanguis (derived from Saṅgera) Christi Inebria Me: the Lord (Christ) is Oneself (Je-Sus/Je-Shua/Ye-Swa/Ye-Shiva means One-Self). Realizing that all this is Self and that the purpose why Self or One veils itself as Many-foldness is Love erases all samskaras or scars or sins (the etymology of the word sin or sine is misunderstood for it means fold, soul, life, vital breath) for it does away with all erroneous self-defeating mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints which are born out of the bodymind complex being ignorant of it being an emergent property of the Divine Self, The Eternal Fundamental One, which expresses itself as The World, as Life diversified for the purpose of Love. The purpose of The Wor(l)d, of Self, is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann