The Logos is Self and the Purpose of Self is Love.

The meaning of 位蠈纬慰蟼 is 蟼慰纬蠈位. I am that I am, don't be afraid, it is I, Soy Yo. All this is Self and the purpose of Self is Love. What does it mean? The Logos is Self. Self is at any time One not wanting to be alone. Self has conceived itself to perceive itself as self-differentiated so not to be by itself. Although the purpose of Self cannot be described in a single word for The Word speaks all words; the purpose of Self - of The Universe, of The World, of Life - is essentially Love. So when it is said it is not good for One to be alone it really means it is not good for Self to be by itself. In nuce. The purpose of The Universe is Love. > The purpose of The World is Love. > The purpose of Life is Love. > The purpose of Self is Love. It is Self which is The Universe, The World and Life. It is Self (SE) which expresses itself as Self-differentiated (X) for Companionship, Friendship, Love. Love verily the purpose. The purpose verily Love.
~ Wald Wassermann