Theoretical Physics.

It is said by some in the sciences that evolution is the grand unifying theory of biology and that consciousness arises out of some 'thing' be it the brain or the nervous system. Let's set the record straight. 1) The meaning of the word evolution is love in action. 2) The meaning of the word biology means the word or logos is self or bio. 3) Theory aka turiya or consciousness is always uni-fied. Now lest proceed with some true bioscience. Consciousness does not arise out of the mind-body complex. The body-mind complex arises out of consciousness (otherwise known as theory or theoria or torah or turiya) not wanting to be alone. What it means is that there is only one consciousness or one self (bio) which veils itself as self-differentiated (diversity) - hence biodiversity - for the purpose of companionship, friendship, love. A fortiori. The meaning of life is love for life is self celebrating itself as self-differentiated for the purpose of love.
~ Wald Wassermann