Raison d'être.

Why did our Universe begin? The answer is simple. The word Universe is composed of Uni- meaning One and -verse meaning to turn. Now who is this One but Self? As such the origin of the Universe. The origin of the Universe is Self. Now as to the 'why' of the Big-Bang or Self-differentiation? Truth is Self-evident. It is not good for Uni or One or Bio or Self to be by itself. Hence the reason of Self. The reason of Self is Love with Love being a catch-all word for Companionship, Friendship; the desire to experience Togetherness. It is this why the wise correctly so proclaim that the meaning of Life is Love. So the correct answer as to 'how the Universe began' is the desire of Self to experience Companionship, Friendship, Love. It is not good for One to be alone. Meaning? It is not good for Self to be by itself. Very true. Truly simple. The purpose of Self is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann