About Christ-Consciousness: Why The Purpose of Jesus is Love.

All is One and the same and any differentiation is but Self desired, Self conceived and Self perceived so Self could experience Companionship itself. Companionship being synonymous with the four-letter word called Love. Knowing this, that all is Self and that the reason why Self veils itself as Life Diversified is Companionship otherwise known as Love is Liberation i.e. Salvation. Salvation is Self realizing its very own meaning/purpose is Love which is the why of Life. Life is Self celebrating itself as Self differentiated for Love. All this so not to feel alone. All this for Companionship, Friendship, Love. So again. It is not that there is no Self; it is that there is only ONESELF and that the reason why Self veils itself is so to be able to experience Companionship aka Love itself. It takes two to tango and this although two are verily one; one's purpose is verily love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist