From Samsara to Nirvana: Attaining Buddha-Hood.

A question was asked. Is the conditioned mind which sees all as duality, as divided, as fragement, the cause of samsara? Truth is simple. We are not just the persona or the limited body-mind complex but the all pervading Real(ity) with Real derived from Raya as in Christ or Universal Consciousness which is always Undifferentiated but perceives itself as Self-Differentiated for Companionship i.e. Love. It must be remembered it is not good for One to be alone. Now the power of the veil, which is Self-created and which is the cause of the illusion of separation, is so strong (for good reason) that only a few realize who and why are. Even fewer are those who can achieve nirvikalpa samadhi due to the business of daily Life. What it comes down to is that all duality or Samsara is still the same One/Self. It is One/Self which veils itself so not to be by itself. One's purpose it is Companionship, it is Friendship, it is Love. Knowing that One's purpose is essentially Love and realizing that the meaning of Life is as such Love is Nirvana. Nirvana can be realized right now in this life time by lifting the veil ever so slightly and recognizing our true Divine nature. This can be done through study (Jnana) including but not limit reading scriptures or studying science such as biology or cosmology, contemplation, meditation, prayer. It can also be brought on by intense trauma such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, financial hardship, sickness which is why Christ Jesus is depicted with thorns around is heart while pointing to the Dove above which signifies Enlightenment or God-/Self-Realization. Sometimes it happens instantaneously by an act of grace. Regardless. It is this why it is said that Ananda (Bliss) is the enteral companionship of Buddha (Self-realization) with Buddha meaning Enlightenment or Ein Licht or One Light. As such suffering ends as we realize who- and why we are. Who we are is One not wanting to be alone. Why we are is Companionship, Friendship, Love, As such The Gospel; The Gospel of Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist