Ontological Argument of Love.

If go(o)d is perfect, then how can it be that S-H-E (she/he/one Energy) created an imperfect creation? For is it not so that perfection can only bring forth perfection? And is it not so that if perfection brings forth something imperfect, then that must have been on purpose? It is go(o)d asking these questions. Truth is simple. Pefection and imperfection are smoke-and-mirror constructs born out of the brain/mind which purposely sees separation whereas there is none, or to be more precise, whereas there is (only) one (self). Now the question is; 'why does the illusion of separation exist in the first place?'. Now one gets closer to truth. Truth is one not wanting to be alone. Truth is one's purpose is companionship otherwise known as love. It this the reason for the illusion of separation. All this so self would not feel by itself. All this so self could experience companionship, friendship, love. Hence why it does not say that god is god but that god is LOVE. I repeat. LOVE.
~ Wald Wassermann