The Purpose of The World (Self) is Companionship i.e. Love.

It is Ram Shanker Misra who stated that Brahman is has no purpose in creating the world from Brahman is full of all perfections and that the world is thus born out freedom as distinguished from necessity. Unfortunately this is invalid for the simple reason that that which is called Brahman is Self (otherwise known as The Self, Allah, Buddha, Cosmos, Christ, God, Atman/Paramatman, Krishna, Shiva, The Tao, The Universe, et al). What it means? Self is all that is and all that is is Self. As such The World. The World is Self and Self is The World. It must be first be remembered that The Word, which is Self, speaks all words. Now as to the purpose of Self or that which Self calls The World. Self is always Free but wills Companionship. It is not good for One to be alone. It is not good for Self to be by itself. As such One's necessity. The necessity of Self is to be able to experience Constant Companionship. Constant Companionship can only be experienced through Constant Change. Hence why it is only partially correct to state that the only constant is change for there is only One Self in Constant Change for Constant Companionship. Hence the why of the Gospel; the Gospel of Love.
~ Wald Wassermann