Three Questions, Three Answers.

Why does the separate-self seem so convincingly real? The answer is that all this is the real, there is only the real, the real is self, self is simply self-differentiated for companionship, for friendship, for love. Now if there is no do-er in reality, then how is the separate self appearing by itself, and what is maintaining its illusion? The question is born out of self-ignorance. The answer is that self alone is and that self is eternally one not wanting to be alone. What it means? There is only one self which has conceived itself to perceive itself as self-differentiated so not to be by itself. Now what purpose does all of this ultimately serve? The answer again is companionship, friendship, love. It is not good for one to be alone. It is not good for self to be by itself. Hence the gospel of love.
~ Wald Wassermann