Dark Matter is Dark Energy and Dark Energy is Dark Matter.

Dark matter is dark energy and dark energy is dark matter. All is one and the same. One's purpose not to feel alone. One's purpose companionship commonly known as love. What it means scientifically speaking is this. Dark matter and dark energy are only two different aspects of the same reality. Reality is one not wanting to be alone. Dark matter is the static aspect and dark energy is the dynamic aspect of the same Reality, the same Universal Consciousness. Dark matter is undifferentiated universal consciousness. Dark energy is undifferentiated consciousness self-differentiating itself out of the desire not to feel alone. What it means in other words. The origin of life, the world and the universe is dark matter not wanting to be alone. It is not good to be alone. One's very own purpose companionship, friendship, love. Now that we have some clarity on the above we can forget it all and return to a simple truth. Truth is that all this is Self and that the reason why Self is Self-differentiated is two fold in nature: 1) The reason of Self is not to feel by itself. 2) The reason of Self is to experience companionship itself. Companionship meaning Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist