On Shaivism: The Purpose of Shiva is Companionship which is the why of Life.

It is said that by identifying oneself as the relative self one is 'jiva' whereas if one identifies oneself with the real self one is called 'shiva'. Truth is that all this is self and that self has simply conceived itself so to perceive itself as self differentiated so not to be by itself; as such the definition of the immaculate conception. In other words. The purpose of shiva, of self, is companionship otherwise known as love. Life is self, shiva, celebrating itself as differentiated for companionship, for friendship, for love. Hence sat-chit-ananda. So rather than wait until after the body passes (all is flux so self could experience companionship itself) the wise person who realizes the reason of self, the purpose of shiva, is love celebrates life right now by loving all!
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist