It is correct to note that the divine will projects itself in several individual wills. Or as modern science would say; that the big bang was (or rather is) born out of the initial singularity not wanting to be singular as in al(l)one. Now. Best to keep it simple. Simple, simple, simple. Simple as in one. One not wanting to be alone. One's purpose being companionship, friendship, love. Now. If one must use the word god... yes... god's will is love alright. Let there be no doubt about that. To be more precise. God wills to love and be loved in eternal return hence the origin of the word universe. It is this - the desire for constant companionship - that is the reason for the world which is the word really or, to be more precise, self really for self is the eternal one (teo or theo or theos or theorya or theory or turiya... whatever) expressing itself as manifoldness in order not to deal with dreaded aloneness (notice the repetitiveness of one in each word for the word is one). In nuce. That which we are, that which life is, that which the world is, that which the universe is, is but self simply desiring not to be by itself; all this, at any time, is self desiring the joy of companionship hence 'the gospel of love'.
~ Wald Wassermann