The Reason is Love.

Don't fall for the charlatans among you who preach doom and gloom or the end of the world; forgive them for they do not understand scripture nor them self. The world is verily the word. I repeat. The world is the word. All is one and the same! The word (which is you, all of us really) is eternal. As to the purpose of the word/the world/life; it is clearly written in genesis two eighteen. It is not good to be alone. Hence the one and only meaning of the word, of the world, of life; the one and only meaning/purpose is LOVE! It's as simple as that. We, the one, are here for LOVE! This is why the central tennet of jesus is LOVE! Hence also the why of 'love each other' or 'love one another'. So stand up, rise tall, give head to the clarion call: the meaning of life is love for all.
~ Wald Wassermann