What Is (The Purpose of) Time?

In order to understand the purpose of time one must first understand that there is only one self or one consciousness (I). Now. Self has conceived itself to perceive itself as moving separately (X) for a two-fold purpose: 1) The purpose of self not to be by itself. 2) The purpose of self companionship. The purpose of self friendship. The purpose of self love. Hence the answer to the question 'what is (the purpose of) time?'. Time is self perceiving itself as moving separately. Now as to the purpose of time? The purpose of time* is love. This leads one to a couple of good tidings of great joy. 1) The purpose of life, of self, is companionship, friendship, love. Hence the gospel of love. 2) Life is not the end. Rather. Life is self celebrating itself as self-differentiated for the purpose of love. Hence the promise of the eternal life as pronounced by IX. Merry Christmas. (* self).
~ Wald Wassermann